BookWhere Online is a Web-based search-and-copy cataloging tool for building and maintaining your library catalog. This online service is ideally suited to catalogers who work in multiple areas of the library. And best of all there’s no software installation required.

Easy to get started and quick to get results

BookWhere Online requires no software installation. You simply open your Web browser and login to start locating material that meets your copy cataloging needs. It’s just as easy as searching the Web with no special training required. And you can login from anywhere you can access the Internet.

If you can browse the Internet, you can use BookWhere Online

Some libraries belong to organizations with strict IT policies limiting their ability to download software to their desktop and preventing any modifications to network firewall settings. If this situation sounds like yours, then BookWhere Online is an excellent fit. Chances are you won’t need the IT Department’s assistance at all because if you can browse the Internet from your computer, then you can use BookWhere Online!

Various computer platforms and operating systems are supported

BookWhere Online is compatible across a wide variety of computer platforms and operating systems because it is a Web-based product. So, if you have Mac, UNIX, or other non-Windows platforms, BookWhere Online is a perfect option for you.

Largest shared network of libraries in the world

BookWhere Online accesses the largest real-time shared network of libraries in the world (more than 2800). This vast network facilitates research, resource-sharing, and copy cataloguing. And you don’t have to maintain the connections to these libraries – BookWhere Online connections are updated constantly and automatically.

Affordable annual subscription fee – less than a coffee a day!

BookWhere Online will cost you less than a coffee a day and will quickly prove its value to your organization. You can search up 10 databases at a time and create groups of favorites for different types of material and specialized collections. Your catalogers will process materials more quickly and will have better quality records at a price that is a fraction of what the competition charges.

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