Technical Support

Support is provided by telephone and email. Full technical support is extended to customers currently on our Maintenance Program. There are many benefits for ensuring your organization is on our Maintenance Program and protecting its investment.

Hours of Support 2017 Closed Days (Support not available)
(Eastern Time Zone)
9:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)
1-866-213-8880 (toll free)
1-705-792-6933 (local)
Monday, January 2, 2017
Monday, February 20
Friday, April 14
Monday, May 22
Monday, July 3
Monday, August 7
Monday, September 4
Monday, October 9
Monday, December 25
Tuesday, December 26
Monday, Jan 1, 2018

Our Support team may be better able to assist you by connecting directly to your Windows PC. You will be able to watch your screen while they troubleshoot an issue you have reported or demonstrate a feature. Please contact our Support team to arrange this service.

System Requirements

We make use of Helpdesk software to connect to your PC. This software does not require installation; only a single file is downloaded and executed. The connection that you initiate will allow one of our technicians to view and control your desktop remotely. This software requires an internet connection and an outgoing connection on port 5500.


  1. Please call us first to let us know that we need to open the connection.
  2. Click on Connect to My PC
  3. Connect to My PC
  4. Choose to run the program
  5. You may see a warning that the publisher could not be verified, however, please continue by clicking Run to install
  6. From the Pop-up window, find the name of the support technician who is working with you
  7. Double click on that name to open to the connection
To see how this process works, please watch this short video:

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