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Oct 7,2016 -     Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

This webinar will provide an overview of how the new PeopleWhere attendance module works both from a regular staff and manager perspective, and show you how to configure it and be up and running in just a couple settings. We'll cover how staff sign-in and sign-out and add explanatory notes. We'll show you how the new reports work and how managers with the correct permissions can adjust timestamps. If not all staff are required to sign-in/sign-out, we'll show you how to configure the module to restrict this feature to certain staff types only. And if you have staff that work in different locations and you want them to sign-in and out as they move from one to the other, we'll show you how to enable that feature too. Lastly, the system can send a variety of alerts to tell if a staff arrived late, didn't show up at all or left early. So, we'll show how and where that is configured. Bring your lunch and join us!


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