What is the AutoSync service?

WebClarity maintains a large central directory of Z39.50 targets. This directory contains connection details for thousands of library databases around the world. A BookWhere license that has a current annual maintenance subscription synchronizes automatically with this directory and gets the latest definitions for these databases. We call this updating service AutoSync.

How it works

Every week or so, BookWhere will connect via the Internet with our central directory to get updated information about library databases that are available for searching. Updates are available to you automatically when you open BookWhere.

Expired AutoSync subscription

One year’s worth of AutoSync, rating and scoring, software maintenance, and technical support is included with your purchase of the BookWhere client. If BookWhere reports that your AutoSync subscription has expired, it could be that you are running an older version of the software and need to upgrade (see the next section) or that your subscription actually has expired.

Contact to renew your software maintenance services. Please include your BookWhere serial number and your organization’s name in your email.

Are you running the latest version of BookWhere?

Check your software version number* to determine if you need to upgrade. If your software is below version 7.2.0, this may be the problem as the AutoSync service is no longer available on some older versions of BookWhere . As long as your serial number is under a current maintenance subscription, BookWhere 7.2.0 is a free upgrade.

* From the BookWhere Help Menu, choose About BookWhere to display software version information and serial number

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