How can I load records from BookWhere into my Sierra (III) system?

  1. In BookWhere, identify the record you want to import into Sierra.

  2. Click “Actions” on the top menu bar, and then click “Export Record(s).”

  3. Give the file a unique name. Be sure to remember the location on your computer you are saving the file to, and then click “Save.”

  4. Open Sierra, and go to “Data Exchange.”

  5. Next to “Select Processes,” select “Load Bibliographic Records.”

  6. From the icons at the top right of the screen, select “Get PC”

  7. Browse to and select the file you just saved, and then click upload.

  8. You will be asked to choose an accepted suffix for your file. Choose “batchfts” (the default).

  9. From the list of files, select your file by clicking on it, and then select “Prep” from the icons at the top right of the screen, and then click”start.”

  10. The system will process the file. When it is finished clock “Close.”

  11. Select the processed file, which will have the extension “batchmarc,” and then click “Load” on the icons at the top right of the screen.

  12. Click “Test”, and if there are no errors, click “Load.”

  13. You have now loaded the record, and it is ready to be edited, but before you do so, you should clean up your temporary files.

    1. Click “close” to return to the main “Data Exchange” screen

    2. Select all files associated with your current load, and then click “Delete.”

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