Merging Database Groups

If you have one or more database groups it may be more efficient to merge these groups into a single group for each of searching. In this example we will demonstrate how to merge two groups (Public 1 and Public 2) into a single new group called Public.

  1. In the Choose Databases dialog, click in the selection boxes next to all the groups you wish to merge. (This selects all of the member databases)

  2. Click on the Show Selected Only option (lower right corner of the dialog box) to display all databases from the selected groups.

  3. Click on the first database’s name to select it.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list of displayed databases. While holding down the SHIFT key on the keyboard click the last database to select all databases.

  5. Right mouse over the selected list and choose Add to Group –> New Group. Specify a name for the new group.

  6. Right mouse over any old database groups and choose Delete Group to remove them.

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