How do I move BookWhere Settings to Windows 7 from XP?

An experienced BookWhere user usually has built up a favorite set of databases (or groups of databases) over the years. BookWhere runs very well in the Windows 7 environment, but you can make the migration even smoother by porting these favorites to the new machine. This document lays out the procedure for moving a BookWhere license from a Windows XP system to a new Windows 7 machine. (Note: Moving a BookWhere license from one machine to another requires a current maintenance contract and WebClarity Support assistance)

  1. Contact WebClarity Support to obtain a new serial number for your installation on the new computer. (Your old license key will be withdrawn.)
  2. Follow the instructions provided on our website for Installing BookWhere under Windows 7 .
  3. Activate BookWhere (as a user with Admin privileges) and run the application at least once while logged in as the user. Close BookWhere
  4. On the old computer make a copy of the groups.xml, localdb.dat and settings.xml file found in: C:\Documents and settings\%USERNAME%\Application data\WebClarity Software Inc\BookWhere\
  5. Save copies of these files (overwriting the ones BookWhere created automatically) on the new computer in: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\WebClarity Software Inc\BookWhere\
  6. Note %USERNAME% is how the user logs in to their computers and may be different on the two machines.
  7. Restart BookWhere on the new machine. All database groups should be restored.
  8. IMPORTANT: Verify other settings, especially the export directory path, which may be different under Windows 7.

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