Arkansas School Solves Backlog Problem

The task looked daunting: obtain copy-cataloging for 11,000 books and add them to the School’s RenWeb library software. The principal contacted the Arkansas State Library’s Director of Technology Support, Donovan Mayes, for a solution. He investigated various options and found that BookWhere Suite was a very good fit. BookWhere is easy to use, is compatible with the School’s RenWeb Library Management Software, as it is with most library management systems, and it’s affordable.

Mr. Mayes really liked the batch search and batch edit features. School staff (who are amateur catalogers) are also very glad to have the rating and scoring to help them select the best records and the best databases for their special collections. BookWhere Suite was installed and being used on the day it was purchased. Even if they can’t find an exact match, staff are comfortable editing near-matches to create exact ones. They expect that the entire backlog will be cataloged by the end of summer.

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the School is affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy and is under the guidance of the Diocese of Little Rock. The School has a rich history, dating back to 1880. Classes are offered for pre-K through 8th graders. In addition to adhering to the curriculum guidelines established by the Catholic Schools of Arkansas, St. John’s also offers Religious studies, Spanish, Art, Computer Science, Library, Music, Environmental Studies, and Physical Education classes.

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