BookWhere is implemented around the world in hundreds of libraries, museums, art galleries, and corporations of all types and sizes. Thousands of users everyday use our software to perform high quality copy cataloguing, and, as a research tool, to locate material globally. We regularly receive positive and thankful comments from customers some of whom quite simply tell us, “We Love BookWhere”. Below you can read some of those comments as well as customer testimonials and sales announcements.

BookWhere at Polk County Public Schools

WebClarity Software Inc, is proud to be the provider of copy cataloging solutions to so many Florida libraries and schools. Polk County Public Schools is just one such a customer and recently, they decided to renew their commitment to BookWhere as a key application for their technical services team.


BookWhere at The Universidad del Norte

The Universidad del Norte (Columbia, South America) has decided to renew their commitment to WebClarity Software and also expand their use of BookWhere.


BookWhere at Peace Library System

WebClarity Software Inc. is pleased to announce that Peace Library System (Alberta, Canada) have selected BookWhere Suite for their copy cataloguing needs. Acquisitions staff will also be making use of its MARC editing features.


BookWhere at Vaughan Public Libraries

WebClarity Software Inc., in cooperation with Convergent Library Technologies, is pleased to announce that Vaughan Public Libraries (Ontario, Canada) have selected BookWhere Suite as their copy cataloguing solution. With its ability to supplement and in some cases completely replace their need for additional cataloging subscription services, BookWhere Suite will help the Library maximize their cataloguing dollars.


WebClarity welcomes Metafore as distributor

WebClarity Software Inc. welcomes Metafore to its Distributor network. A national IT Solutions firm, Metafore’s Quebec office is now able to resale the BookWhere product line.


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