BookWhere preferred resource for MARC records at McAllen Public Library

McAllen Public Library has used the BookWhere Suite (BookWhere plus MARC Notepad) for our copy-cataloging needs since July 2009, when we had to discontinue our previous MARC record service due to budget constraints. We have been satisfied BookWhere customers for a variety of reasons: its cost effectiveness, its high hit rate for both English- and Spanish-language materials, its user-friendly interface (scoring service, faceted analysis panel) and helpful support representatives. Another time-saving feature we appreciate is BookWhere’s AutoSync feature, which regularly monitors the directory of Z39.50 databases and automatically updates it. Cataloging Dept. staff also like MARC Notepad’s configurability, such as the option to easily toggle between the basic and advanced MARC Tag Editor, and the ability to save keystrokes by defining local macros. We have set up macros for adding GSAFD genre terms (MARC 655 field) and for some of our local subject headings (e.g., Manga, Bollywood films). McAllen Public Library has three branches; it is part of the Hidalgo County Library System (HCLS), a federated system of 12 public libraries in Hidalgo County, Texas. The main library was located in the same building downtown for 60 years but now has a new home. After more than five years’ work, an abandoned Wal-Mart was resurrected as the new main library; the impressive structure won the International Interior Design Association’s 2012 Library Interior Design Awards. Rich in history, the McAllen Townsite Company was formed in 1904; the city is now the 20th most populous in Texas. Metropolitan McAllen is also the main retail center in the Rio Grande Valley.

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