BookWhere at Burlington Public Library

The Burlington Public Library comprises six branches and serves a growing population of 160,000 people. We provide the standard mix of print and audio visual library materials and are beginning to add titles in Hindi, Punjabi, and Chinese. BookWhere helps us find most of our titles, probably about 80 per cent. We do purchase some obscure music recordings for which we can’t find exact matches, but we can usually find a near-match and make the necessary changes to an existing record. It beats original cataloguing!

We use Sirsi/Dynix’s Unicorn library management system. Unicorn’s SmartPort does provide access to outside databases and lets us download the records into our own database, but it does not let us do batch searches. BookWhere’s Batch search is great. It is the most effective way for us to locate and copy the records we need.

MARC Notepad lets us do quick record cleanup, stripping out other libraries’ holdings tags and adding our own. The macro function enables us to use a single key stroke to clean batches of records or edit GMDs in the time it would take us to edit one record manually. We’re very pleased with our increased productivity.

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