BookWhere is implemented around the world in hundreds of libraries, museums, art galleries, and corporations of all types and sizes. Thousands of users everyday use our software to perform high quality copy cataloguing, and, as a research tool, to locate material globally. We regularly receive positive and thankful comments from customers some of whom quite simply tell us, “We Love BookWhere”. Below you can read some of those comments as well as customer testimonials and sales announcements.

Arkansas School Solves Backlog Problem

The task looked daunting: obtain copy-cataloging for 11,000 books and add them to the School’s RenWeb library software. The principal contacted the Arkansas State Library’s Director of Technology Support, Donovan Mayes, for a solution. He investigated various options and found that BookWhere Suite was a very good fit. BookWhere is easy to use, is compatible with the School’s RenWeb Library Management Software, as it is with most library management systems, and it’s affordable. Mr. Mayes […]


BookWhere at Osgoode Hall Law School Library

The Osgoode Hall Law School Library cataloguers are now using BookWhere for faster and better copy-cataloguing. Finding databases that return high-quality records for their collection is not a problem, especially when they use the keyword filter feature in the Choose Databases Window to help them create database groups that have similar collections. Located in Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School is one of the largest and most distinguished law schools in Canada. It is also among […]


Nova Scotia Provincial Library Selects BookWhere Suite Power Package

Cataloguers at the Nova Scotia Provincial Library are now using the BookWhere Suite Power Package, which includes Enhanced Batch Searching (EBS) as well as the powerful search-and-edit features of the standard BookWhere Suite. The EBS feature allows for unlimited search keys in a Batch Search, making the process of finding cataloguing copy much faster and more efficient. The Nova Scotia Provincial Library is not a library facility but its team works with the Province’s 78 […]


York University’s Scott Library Implements BookWhere Suite

Cataloguers at Scott Library are pleased with their new BookWhere Suite software. They are creating content- and language-specific database groups and seeing a high hit rate for their searches. They like the efficiency of special search groups and macros. They overlay provisional records in their Sirsi catalogue with upgraded ones from BookWhere. The Scott Library provides support and research assistance to faculty and students in humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and environmental studies. York is […]


St. John's University upgrades to benefit from Suite features

Although they’ve been a longtime WebClarity customer, catalogers at the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library hadn’t yet taken advantage of the MARC-editing features available in the suite version of BookWhere. Now when they go to search and retrieve records, they can also take care of all the cleanup that they need in one place all within BookWhere. By using macros, they can accomplish many changes all at once with just two keystrokes. St. John’s […]


News announcements

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Serving a population of just under 100,000 through its three locations the Pickering Public Library strives to delive…
Aurora PL is Ready to Go With Their New PeopleWhere Implementation Plan!
The Aurora Public Library has chosen PeopleWhere as its Staff Scheduling solution! After reviewing options availabl…


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